How to start a profitable blog

Earlier I introduced the main blog to make money. As long as the application is good, earning $1,000 through the blog month is not a dream, but before you want to make money through the blog, you must first have a blog, then one can make money, today I will Introduce how to start a profitable blog.

Choose a Best Hosting



(Start a profitable blog) If your host has two days of downtime, it will not only affect the blog’s inclusion in the search engine but also greatly affect the mood of your blog.

Then, why do bloggers make money? So choose a stable host to start blogging and make money. The premise, I love the use of boiled fish (mt) MediaTemple host is the most recommended host I personally think, from June 2009 to today, no downtime, very stable. Choose a stable host from the beginning, so you can never worry about writing a blog.

Choose a Top blogger



(Start a profitable blog) There is no doubt that WordPress is my only recommendation. WordPress has the largest community, the most themes and plugins, and a professional WordPress team, making it the easiest thing to build a blog with WordPress.

Professional theme



(Start a profitable blog) Choosing a professional theme for your blog, or customizing a unique theme is a very good thing. Choosing a professional theme means that you are very serious about blogging, and reading and potential customers will be very serious. Face your blog. WordPress theme production is very simple, there are very detailed WordPress theme tutorials, if you need to design a unique WordPress theme, you can find a professional team.

Original content and regular updates




(Start a profitable blog) Many people write blogs and reprint other people’s content in large quantities. For me, writing a blog is a very serious matter. It requires a professional spirit and attitude. The original content is the basis of all this. If you can’t take it seriously, don’t write a blog. It is more convenient to use microblogging. In addition to the original content, it is also important to insist on regular updates. Only regular updates will allow your blog to have traffic to make money through advertising or selling professional services.

SEO and promotion



(Start a profitable blog) With the original content that persists, bloggers need to understand some basic SEO. It is their own content that allows more users to know about you and your blog. It is not difficult to learn simple SEO. I have already Wrote in great detail: WordPress SEO Collection, as long as you follow the requirements, and then adhere to the original content, there will be a return.

Now the rise of Weibo and social networks, it is important that you and your blog are very important in social network marketing. I also often introduce some small technologies for social networking promotion, but the most important thing about social networking is still Engage with your heart.

At The End



(Start a profitable blog) Now the rise of microblogging makes it easier for users to express their opinions, and it has made more people give up updating blogs.

But this also shows that people who write blogs are becoming less and less, and the competition is relatively laughable.

Therefore, if you pay for your blog seriously, you will definitely gain a lot when you accumulate a certain degree.


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