Top 5 Investment Tips

Top 5 Investment Tips
Top 5 Investment Tips

Tip 1: Develop a structured trading schedule

How many times have you been sitting at your desk from 8 am to 5 pm (Top 5 Investment Tips), looking at the chart aimlessly, and you are not sure where your cryptocurrency will go.

Because you can’t sleep at night, you can stay up until three in the morning, and suddenly some digital currency news in the currency is popped up.

You immediately wake up from your sleep and hurry to buy those tokens from Bittrex. You are afraid of missing any money.

whenever you want to sell tokens The price is stagnant – in fact, the key to all problems is that you trade when you shouldn’t trade.

As an “all-weather” cryptocurrency trader, you need to stop those bad trades immediately and then develop a structured trading schedule around the “transactions” and “non-transactions” intervals –

of course, that doesn’t mean you have to To prudently adhere to this timetable to execute the transaction, the main purpose of establishing this timetable is to make you calmer and relieve your mind. – (Top 5 Investment Tips)

by not focusing on trading, gradually becoming focused on trading – although so It’s a bit strange to go up, when you develop the habit of not trading often,

Whether you are a night owl, or get used to getting up early, or have plenty of energy in the afternoon,

you can choose a trading time plan that suits your personality and lifestyle,

which will make you feel happier when you operate the transaction –

this is actually very important because only in this way can you easily make informed investment decisions and profit from them.

Tip 2: Set strict trading discipline principles

In fact, one of the most important basic skills in cryptocurrency trading is to have strict trading discipline principles.

It sounds like a simple question, but do you really know what it means and what it really means?

For most successful traders, disciplinary principles mean trading under certain market conditions, and they strictly enforce their own set of trading discipline principles –

For example, such traders will set their own Set a stop loss or take profit indicator, once the limit is reached, regardless of how much money they can earn in the future will opt out;

and once the stop-loss limit is reached, regardless of how much the subsequent market will rebind, they will choose to stop loss.

For those new to cryptocurrency transactions, here’s a little advice – don’t just trust social media, especially Twitter.

You need to practice through multiple transactions. Encrypted currency trading itself is a bittersweet thing. – (Top 5 Investment Tips)

After encountering a problem, you must take a step back, analyze your performance,

Find the problem, and then continue to improve through feedback, analysis, and reflection.

All of this requires not only the analysis of transactions but also the strict implementation of trading plans and trading principles.

Tip 3: Winning is not arrogant


I dare say that you must have experienced such a trading session: everything is normal, everything is smooth, everything is perfect.

You will think that all of this is due to your own ability, but it is not the case. What you get is nothing but the benefits that market adjustment brings to you.

The problem of making money often lies in making money itself.

When you taste the sweetness of investing in cryptocurrencies, you will be easily ruled by negative emotions once you encounter a market decline.

This state makes it easy for you to make the wrong investment decisions, such as making additional investments in a bear market environment to make up for the losses.

The result is getting deeper and deeper.

Therefore, you need to reconcile emotions in the thrill of making money and frustration in losing money,

paying attention to the objective process of making money transactions and losing money transactions,

carefully analyzing the mistakes made, and gradually forming a process-based trading thinking.

Patterns – Be aware that losing money does not mean that it is a bad deal, just a “other” transaction, from which you can learn and improve your overall trading.

Tip 4: Use the market cycle to protect capital

You have to admit that in cryptocurrency transactions, there are very few transactions that can maintain a long-term rational state. – (Top 5 Investment Tips)

Throughout 2018, it seems that every rebound is the beginning of a new bull market, but the results are also disheartening for investors every time.

Many cryptocurrency transactions do not seem to accept the fact that the market has entered a new cycle and no more than 1,000% of investment income will emerge.

So, just as you would regularly dump garbage, the cryptocurrency market is entering a “cold” cycle, and speculative bubbles are beginning to hurt people.

If you have successfully pulled out of the bull market in 2017, and not just got the benefits on paper, then protect your capital.

Now you should be in the mindset of capital preservation, pay attention to the long-term market cycle. And its associated triggers may help you gain something in the new cycle.

Tip 5: Don’t always think about Bitcoin

“Thinking” always disturbs your mind. Here we are not talking about “contemplation” in the traditional sense, such as those ideas and ideas that can make you change the world.



We are talking about the strange ideas that lead to your confusion.- (Top 5 Investment Tips)

In cryptocurrency trading, a confusing idea may allow you to adjust the best investment plan.

The worst thing a trader does when investing in cryptocurrency is to swing between different trading “thoughts” and make a decision.

This situation is very dangerous because “thoughts” are just “thoughts” and it only exists in the mind – in contrast to investment strategies, because strategies are a market idea that has been tested or validated.

The problem is that the vast majority of traders often move from one idea to another without a full test of their feasibility, jumping from one trading system to another.

Unlike the traditional stock market, today’s cryptocurrency market is not simply a look at the trading chart to accurately analyze the trend.

(Top 5 Investment Tips) If you look at the profitable traders and look at traders who don’t make money, you may find that the difference between them is whether you can control yourself in a highly volatile market.


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